We offer dog owners a choice for supplementing their pet's oral hygiene.  Your dog is in a comfortable and relaxed environment while performing the cleaning. Our service is not intended to replace a dental under anesthesia but rather to be part of your pet’s overall dental plan. We believe that removing plaque and tartar before it can cause periodontal disease goes a long way toward better dental heath for your pet. 

We have four  Veterinarian trained Teeth Cleaning Technicians who also have extensive dog behavioral and handling training.

Preventative teeth cleaning is the missing piece to your pets oral health. Your dog is alert and in a comfortable position, either on it's back or side, during the teeth cleaning procedure.

We have over 60 years of combined experience in  Pet care. All of our Technicians have been Veterinarian trained.

By three years of age, most dogs  have some signs of periodontal disease. There are few indications other than bad breath that would alert the owner to this condition

Oral care is essential to the well being of your pet. Daily teeth brushing and professional teeth cleaning is an important part of that care.

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